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We offer a variety of Community Services ranging from Spiritual Direction Ministerial Sessions to Complimentary Health and Wellness Counseling and Professional  Individual, Family, Psychotherapy and Relationship Counseling /Coaching with A Mind, Body, Spirit Healing and Integration Emphasis. For any of these services, you may make checks out to Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. and it will be considered a Professionals Services (see chart below)

Single Payment

         No Commitment

Monthly Payment

       Paid Monthly

             Single Payment

                 Paid Quarterly


   $75    30 min.

   $175   50 min.  

   $225   90 min.  

$260 = $ 65 x 4     (30 min.)

$500 = $125 x 4    (50 min.)

$600 = $150 x 4    (90 min.)

$660   = $110 x 6 (50 min.)

$1200 = $ 100 x 12 (50 min.)

$1656 =  $138 x 12  (90 min.)


     One Time

Pay Each Session

Pay Monthly

Weekly Meetings

Pay Quarterly

Weekly Meetings



You may also Make a donations to AIWP and participate  in Spiritual Direction Sessions. Contributions are accepted with payment by cash, check or credit card. All Checks are made out to AIWP with the understanding that AIWP is a 501 (c)(3) Non-profit tax-exempt Humanitarian, Non Denominational Religious Organization exempt from federal income tax.

Donations to AIWP are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our tax identification number is 95-3455451 Donations can be made to The Association For Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP) in any amount.  Donations provide for low cost community service programs, scholarships, and general operations. . AIWP acknowledges its donors for all pledges and financial pledge contributions on a weekly, monthly, or on an annual basis. With donations you may elect to participate or not participate in Spiritual Direction Sessions. All Spiritual Direction Sessions are considered to be Ministerial and of a non- material, intangible and spiritual nature. 

Credentials and Certifications

Dr. Ryan has a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Divinity as well as a Doctorate in Pastoral Science and Medicine.   He holds Fellow and Diplomate Status at  The American Association for Integrative Medicine,where he is a Board Certified Holistic Integrative Health Practitioner specializing in Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine,  He also holds Diplomat and Fellow Status at The American Psychotherapy Association where he is a Board Certified Relationship Expert Professional Counselor and PTSD Clinician.  In addition, he is Board Certified at  numerous other Energy Psychology and Complimentary / Alternative Medicine Association and is Certified as an  EFT Master Practitioner and Meridian Energy Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, Instructor in Hypnotherapy along with many other specialties. * He practices as a professional intuitive, mind body spirit therapist and energy healer, licensed minister. and practices as a Licensed  Pastoral Therapist DPT # 6461745  (Pastoral Medical Association).

In addition, Dr. Ryan has trained under many of the leading authorities in the field Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Spiritual Psychology and Relationship Healing.. He has been helping clients to experience the innate spiritual potential of their relationships for the past thirty years.

* For a more detailed list of Board Certifications and Credentials see and



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